samedi 11 février 2017

My favorite serie

Hi everyone!! So first of all , I have to say that I'm very addicted to series! But of course, there is always this very special serie that you just adore and wait for every episode... Well for me, this serie's name is "Chicago Fire". It is an American serie that talks about Chicago's fire house which number is 51, and everyday they go for a new adventure, in a new burning building, saving lives... And it's not all about their job, they also tell the story of every firefighter, like for example "Gabi" (a very brave and lovely women) is in love with "Mat" the Lieutenant and the main character...
The fire house 51 always stays strong together, and even risks their life for others!They don't fell that saving lives is a duty, but a pleasure! I never wished in my life to be a firefighter, but when I'm watching this serie, I am like"why not?"
I definitely recommend to you to watch this serie, you will just see what I hero looks like in real life!

2 commentaires:

  1. Hello Touraya! It seems to me that are a very interesting and kind person that if given the chance would fully take the opportunity to meet you. We have many things in common such as being addicted to any series as I have to finish a series once it starts. NCIS, and the Flash are a few examples of series that I am fully invested in at the moment. Feel free to contact me as I will respond as quickly as I can. Nice to know someone with interests similar to my own. Take care.

    1. Hi Joseph, thank you for these nice words and it's a pleasure talking to you, It's true we have many things in common and I'm glad we do! By the way I watched NCIS and I loved it, hope you have other suggestions to give me, I would love to watch them!