mercredi 28 septembre 2016

Do you want to come to Morocco? This will help you!

Hello reader! So you may know me, or not! My name is Touraya, I am 16 years old and I live in a beautiful city(Tangier) in a wonderful country(Morocco). I love discovering new cities and new culturs, just like you I guess, that's why I decided to write this small paragraph to give you a little information about my city, and in general my country.

First of all, you should know that I am very proud of my country, no matter what i will say in this paragraph.
What really makes me proud of Tangier or any other city in Morocco is firstly its population; people in Morocco are very welcoming, kind, funny and lovely! They are very good at telling jokes!
Morocco's history is something very important in our cultur, that's why you can visit many historical monuments in Rabat, like "Mosque hassanII" or our former kings' shrines, you can also come to Tangier, where you can find the Hercules cave, a beatiful beach and huge malls, and the cities goes on.
What I would love to change about my city is to have more art schools so that every artist could find a place to express himself.

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  1. Hi my name is Rosalie Gonzalez and you have been choosen to be my partner.I'm glad you have shared some of the fun and interesting facts about Tangier with me ,Tangier sounds like a wonderful place to live in. What are some of your favorite hobbies?

    1. Hi Rosalie! I'm sorry for the bad replay, I had so much exams, I think you understand since we both are going throught school stress. And sorry if Ihaven't posted some pictures so you could have more information about Tangier.. But if you are intrested, I'll be glad to send you some illustrations that I will take when I go for a walk next to the beach, or during the sunset(haha I am not a morning person so I won't be able to be awake during the sunrise).
      Well, to answer your comment, Tangier is definitely a wonderful place to live in, I have been here since I was 5years old, so I can't imagine my life in any other place than this beautiful city.
      In a place like this one, you can have many hobbies, but personnaly, I love to sing(like most of teenagers at my age), but also, since we have very high and amazing waves, I love surfing!
      What about you Rosalie? And how could you describe your city?

  2. Hi, my name is Venice like the city in Italy. Everyone there seems so nice! Most people in California are nice, but not everyone. Your history and culture seems so amazing, I would love to visit those museums you talk about they seem beautiful. Are you an artist? I cannot draw or do any kinds of art. I wonder if the beaches in Tangier are as beautiful as the one in California. California is known for our coast line.

    1. Hi Venice, my name is Touraya, you must say"umm what a name" well in arabic(our language), it is the first star that apears every night, haha new information?
      So, California seems one of the most beautiful places in the world, my dream would be to visit it someday!
      To answer your question if I am an artist, well I love to sing, I even have a little studio at home(you're welcome anytime!) but haha seriously, I don't know if I am that talented to be classified as an artist.
      What about you Venice? Any hobbies? And how is the weather over there?